LO International Strategy 2021-25

Globalisation challenges and forces the modern trade union movement to work in new ways. The LO International Strategy 2021-25 describes these challenges and solutions to how LO can ensure safe and good working conditions in an increasingly internationalised world. 

LO takes a stand for workers' right to bargain in Southern Africa - through Let’s Talk!

The right to organise and negotiate for decent work conditions is a daily struggle for many workers around the world. To contribute to that fight, LO is organising Let’s Talk! for the third time, this time in Southern Africa.

LO says no to statutory minimum wage in the EU

Pay differentials in the EU are growing and wage dumping is a growing problem. This is why the European Commission wants to introduce EU-wide legislation on minimum wages. But in Sweden there is a risk that this will lead to reduced wages and LO says no.

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